Superwoman: A Poem

As a woman, I’m an automatic caregiver.
I help when help is needed,
give my time when my time is needed,
and love when it seems as if love is no longer present.
For me, ensuring the wellbeing of others
is an innate desire.

If I could liken life to a dinner table,
I’d make sure you were fed, before I took a bite.
But when I suffer from hunger pains I ask,
What happens when one is lost in doing what’s right?

It becomes constant, at times draining.
I am needed here; I am wanted there.
You see, the human body wasn’t designed
to be pulled in so many different directions at once,
yet I am defying all odds.

that’s who I am.
A trendy outfit for a costume and a smile for a mask.
I possess amazing powers and will always
dedicate my time and energy to protect another…

But doesn’t a hero ever need saving?
Selfishness should be my kryptonite,
rather than a lingering temptation.
At times I want to childishly ask, “What about what I want?”
but my lips refuse to speak them aloud.

So instead I wonder,
If this queen were to shut herself away from her empire
for a minute, an hour, or a day
would it all fall apart?

The answer is no.
And though I say this with conviction,
know that my love and care for you does not falter.
Understand that I cannot be with you in your time of need,
if I am all burned out.

So as a woman, yes I’m a caregiver.
I have a calling to help people,
and it’s okay if one of those people is myself.

—Tara Pook