Everything You Went Through Will Be Beautiful

Every evening I try to set aside some me time. This simply consists of a cup of tea and my Jill Scott Pandora station. Sometimes I’ll get some personal writing done, other times I’ll just sip and vibe to the music. It’s proven to be a great way for me to de-stress and relax after an overwhelming day.

One night as I was heating up some water for my Yogi Green Tea, I heard Jilly from Philly soulfully sing:

Too much on my mind… Too much on my mind…

I nodded as if she could see me agree with her words. It had been one of those tough and trying days when you just want to close yourself off from the world. Perhaps even call upon Calgon to take you away. As much of a cheerleader I am for family and friends, it’s rather difficult for me to cheer myself out of my own rut. I continued to brew my tea until I heard Jill croon:

When I wake up, everything I went through will be beautiful…

I had to stop for a minute because of how thought-provoking those words are. You couldn’t tell me Pandora didn’t pick that song especially for me. Soon after I ended my pity party. It was only right to.

Some of the most beautiful times in life comes after a mistake, a disappointment, or a failure. After we’ve gone through the number of emotions that we have a right to feel, there comes a peace. That peace comes from realizing that you went through it all for a greater purpose– to make you a greater person.

When we see that the reason for our troubles is not for suffering, but rather for growth, they no longer seem incapable of overcoming. After winter comes spring, and after night comes morning. Therefore joy is soon to follow sadness.

Looking back, your first thoughts will no longer be in remembrance of the heaviness in your heart or the tears falling from your eyes. Instead you’ll realize, that everything you went through was beautiful.


Tara Pook