Good Morning: A Poem

This morning I woke up light as air.
I let go of worry,
and so the burdens weighing on my shoulders faded like dark skies.

There’s a song in my heart, a prayer on my lips,
and my dreams are still playing in my head like a movie matinee.

I thank God for the sunshine
that beams through my blinds and soothes me.
What was once a mundane routine
of ironing my blouse or brushing my teeth,
suddenly seems like a dance.

I recall scriptures telling me that joy
cometh in the morning after enduring a night of tears,
But I never knew this feeling
could be as firm as a rock,
yet as warm as your mother’s embrace.

Sadness once lingered around me as I slept,
until I spoke death to its grip on me
and spoke life to joy’s change in me.

—Tara Pook