Welcome, I’m Tara! Affectionately known as Pook by my family, I’m a New York native who splits my time between the Empire State and sunny South Florida. I’m a recent college grad with a masters degree in Pastoral Counseling & Spiritual Care, after making the jump from Multimedia Journalism. It was during this transition that I truly grew in my relationship with God and began to learn how to walk by faith. When you surrender your dreams to God, you give him the license to expand them beyond your imagination. And so now I'm working as a domestic violence counselor, excited to be growing in my field. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy plays, museums, and going to brunches. If I could, I would eat Eggs Benedict for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I love God, family, laughing at cat videos on Instagram for undisclosed amounts of time.

I see myself as an optimist with dreams that can’t be confined to an average 9 to 5. You can consider me like a hybrid of Freddie Brooks and Lena James from A Different World, with the occasional ditz and sass of Whitley Gilbert.


Throughout my life, writing has always been a source of refuge. If I wasn’t brave enough to be vulnerable with friends or family, I knew I could always turn to my notebook. The problem was I didn’t want to keep these feelings to myself, but my issues with perfectionism hindered me from being open and vulnerable with others.

Thankfully I took a brave step and dusted off my old blog, which initially was an outlet for random musing, and decided to share my words. In doing so I have found that my personal journey in faith + transparency has paralleled my journey in becoming a pastoral counselor/mental health counselor. 

Here you’ll find my thoughts on life, along with inspiration and humor. This is a place where you can have faith, let your guard down, be encouraged, and even laugh a little.